Long-time friends take on that 1 painter LEWISVILLE - flower mound

We wanted to start our own business and also give

back to the community and help as much as we can

by sharing our knowledge and providing amazing service.

– Chad Fancher & Hunter Estes T1P Lewisville – Flower Mound

Chad Fancher & Hunter Estes | Owner of That 1 Painter Lewisville – Flower Mound

Long-time friends Chad Fancher and Hunter Estes wanted to find a business they could run together as a team. The friends came from different professional backgrounds but connected with the desire to pave their way as business partners in the Lewisville Flower Mound community. These entrepreneurs are ecstatic to introduce their That 1 Painter franchise to the Lewisville neighborhood. With their passion for helping others, these two friends will take the community by storm, enforcing their Paint it Forward program and giving back to their neighbors.

With open hearts, these friends are ready to take to their That 1 Painter Franchise by storm, not only in Lewisville Flower Mound but in many other territories. We promise this will not be the last time you hear about these goal-driven entrepreneurs!

Contributing to That 1 Painter Lewisville – Flower Mound’s Success

That 1 Painter’s training and marketing systems have given Chad and Hunter a leap forward in a competitive market. Their ambition and drive propelled them through the training process, where they both took meticulous care to ensure their business started off on the right foot. Their desire to serve the community with excellence is demonstrated through their commitment to success and to see their city succeed right along with them. 

Services Chad Uses to Build Revenue:

…and much more!


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