Optimal Returns: How That 1 Painter Provides Continued Value for Its Franchisees

In a previous post, we gave you a detailed look at everything you’ll get when you invest in your own That 1 Painter franchise.

That was the “what.” But how about the “why”?

You wouldn’t go into a business without proof it can work or assurances it’ll continue to provide value, right?

That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the “why” behind our franchise system: that is, an overview of the ways we offer ongoing support for you and your business, along with some insight as to how our franchise program sets you up for continued success.

Ready to discover how That 1 Painter’s franchise system can provide you with exceptional value over time?

Great. Let’s get started.

How We Add Value with 18 Services

Our franchise system focuses on 18 core paint-related services, each selected to help you capture leads in the painting industry. This means anything we offer is either paint-specific or designed to complement traditional painting jobs, with a preference for repair over replacement.

Our philosophy is: If it’s not primarily paint-focused, it’s not really for us.

Streamlining in this way affords your franchise the opportunity to build and expand a customer base while simultaneously protecting your business from spreading itself too thin with projects outside the painting sphere.

By featuring 18 paint and repair services, you’ll be able to avoid losing out on certain bids to companies that also perform extra tasks. (You’ll have to find a pretty handy crew, of course, but we have programs and training manuals to help with that.)

On the other hand, our specialized lineup of services ensures you won’t have to waste your time with huge, budget- and energy-draining projects better suited to general contractors and their tradesmen, which can span many months and incur lots of delays. 

That said, our spectrum of services is still wide enough to ensure you won’t have to scramble to fill your calendar with small-scale handyman jobs. Indeed, part of the beauty of the painting trade is that it lets you take on projects lasting only a short while (usually one day to two weeks), get paid, and then move on.  

How We Provide Ongoing Support

As a That 1 Painter franchisee, you won’t have to go it alone. We believe in serving as a constant value source, and we’ll never leave your business to fend for itself with just a few manuals and a dream.

In fact, our system includes one-on-one talks with CEO Steven for the first 10 months to help address any fears, anxieties, or challenges that may arise (all of which are a natural part of owning a business, and all of which Steven has a lot of valuable experience with). After that, you’ll be given your own That 1 Painter coach, and you’ll also be able to join in on regular group consultations for added assistance. Taken altogether, these sessions are designed to improve mindset, build confidence, and offer real, actionable advice.

Want more guidance? Steven will also be available to assist you and your team in tackling any practical or sales training issues that come up and/or in easing any execution pain points that could cause operational roadblocks.

Why We’re a Good Investment

Thanks to the benefits listed above––as well as our extensive lineup of marketing and advertising services our franchise system has been carefully calibrated to help you achieve maximum ROI, year after year.

And we have plenty of proof.

Here are just a few of our franchise milestones to date:

  • We’ve managed to keep our initial investment at a lower rate than that of any other franchise painter in the US (our initial franchise fee is also the lowest available)
  • Our Austin location generated over $2 million in revenue in 2020
  • Franchisees stand a good chance of closing as much as 50% of their bids (based on That 1 Painter’s previous track record)  

Finished this post and still have questions? We’re happy to clarify anything you see here and/or answer any other queries you may have. Feel free to get in touch anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you!