Keeping Workers and Keeping Them Happy: How That 1 Painter’s Franchise System Helps Franchise Partners Find and Retain Employees

We totally get it. 

Employee turnover is always a concern for any business. Especially for businesses run by self-made, self-motivated entrepreneurs like you. 

If you’re thinking of launching a That 1 Painter franchise, you likely have at least some anxieties about finding and retaining the right employees to build your business with you. Which makes sense. No one wants to waste time searching for team members, nor do they want to waste precious resources on employees who simply aren’t a great fit.

And… good news! We had all this in mind when we built our franchise program. 

Knowing that employee hiring and retention can sometimes get a little “sticky,” we embedded a variety of processes into our franchise system, all designed to help franchisees find and maintain their ideal crew. Here’s a brief rundown of how our program empowers you to seek out and hold on to great employees.

How Our System Helps You Recruit and Hire Employees/Crewmembers 

As part of our franchise program, we help cast a wide––but discerning––net in various job markets. We have proven systems for posting on employment platforms such as Indeed and Facebook, and can provide guidance on job listings if and when you need. 

If you’re searching for extra hiring help, you can always leverage your own roster of painters to and ask them for referrals (this has definitely worked well for us in the past!). We also have a system for handing out flyers at your local Sherwin-Williams retailers, which can widen your pool of applicants even more. 

Not sure exactly what to look for in a That 1 Painter employee? No problem! We’ll provide you with in-depth documents detailing the best indicators to watch out for as you evaluate resumes or review your prospects’ past experiences. 

How Our System Helps Retain Team Members over Time 

At That 1 Painter, opportunity for growth is always a given. In fact, our growth index really doesn’t have a ceiling. And this applies to individual employees as well as to our franchises. 

We advise explaining to each new team member that their current position can eventually lead to their very own franchise (should they choose). Plus, we suggest reminding them they’ll have a front-row seat as revenue building takes hold and your franchise begins to grow. This will likely contribute to a positive employee outlook, incentivizing your team members to stay at your side and witness the business––and their own personal business profiles––expand even further.

But beyond laying the foundation for future success, we believe in helping employees cultivate individual wealth in real time. We strongly recommend honoring your staff in the here and now by always offering an industry standard wage or higher, always acknowledging quality work whenever possible, and always showing respect to each and every member of your team.

Oh, and did we mention perks? 

Our franchise business model tends to yield positive results when franchisees provide goal-oriented bonuses that motivate workers to stay on task and give each project the attention it deserves. If you can fold these types of bonus programs into your business operations, we say do it, and do it often. We also suggest occasional unexpected gifts in the form of new paint gear and company swag, as well as morale-boosting activities like free team breakfasts. 

How Our System Helps Retain Team Members Day to Day 

In order to become part of That 1 Painter’s franchise family, we insist you steep your business in our company culture. Luckily for you (and for your staff), our culture is known for its atmosphere of inclusivity, transparency, empathy, and fun.☺ 

When a new employee signs on with That 1 Painter, they should quickly learn that enjoying their job is just as important as working hard . They should also recognize That 1 Painter is a goal-driven team dedicated to achieving collective success together.

If each employee feels they have something to contribute and something to gain, they’ll be far more likely to stick with their current team. So, while we truly believe in the core cultural values mentioned above (transparency, inclusivity, fun), we also know that each one goes a long way toward helping our franchise businesses hold on to desirable, dependable teammates.That’s why it’s so crucial that our franchisees incorporate these values into their daily practice. 

We’re happy to clarify anything you see here and/or answer any other queries you may have. Feel free to reach out anytime.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.