Cost Benefits: What’s Included in the That 1 Painter Franchise Investment

Naturally, if you’re thinking of starting a franchise, you’ll want to know where your investment money is going.

And rightly so.  

In an effort to answer any questions you might have about the initial That 1 Painter investment and what it entails, we’ve come up with a detailed guide to everything you’ll be entitled to once your franchise application is approved.

Let’s start with the basics.

To build your own purposeful, satisfying, financially solvent business with That 1 Painter, you’ll need to make an initial investment of $39,000. Our first 10 franchisees will receive a special price of $29,000. Total turnkey cost will range between $54,750 and $108,000.

What You’ll Get

Once your initial investment is accepted, you’ll have access to a host of services and amenities, each chosen with the sole purpose of helping your business grow. These include:

  •   A lease on an official That 1 Painter vehicle (including truck wrap)
  •   Our suite of computer software setup
  •   Comprehensive pricing lists for each of That 1 Painter’s 18 sell-ready services
  •   Promotional branding materials (including practical items such as yard signs, as well as novelty promotions like truck magnets, t-shirts, and stickers)
  •   Grand opening advertising materials (+ ad spend), which include video, graphics, and photography services
  •   An ad buying program that can yield 5x return on ad spend
  •   A lead generation strategy that can be dialed up or down, depending on your needs
  •   Necessary office equipment and supplies
  •   Three months’ worth of operating expenses upfront

How You’ll Be Covered

Everyone knows creating a business requires more than just concrete, tactile items. There’s also a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes logistics and paperwork you have to take care ofto help get operations off the ground.

At That 1 Painter, we’ve got you covered on that score as well.

With your investment, you’ll be offered training, licensing, and legal coverage (in addition to all the physical “stuff” mentioned above). This will include:

  •   Hands-on instruction at our Austin headquarters, guided by our expert crew
  •   Relevant business licensing and permits (NOTE: these will depend on your state)
  •   General liability and car insurance plans
  •   Attorney services as needed
  •   Proven accounting models to keep finances on track


Read this far and still have questions? We’re happy to clarify anything you see here and/or answer any other queries you may have.

Feel free to get in touch anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you!