From the Founder

      I’m so glad you are interested in this business endeavor with That 1 Painter! It’s my sincere desire that you succeed and truly enjoy building your business with us. 

      It has always been my passion to help others get ahead in life. In building That 1 Painter, I’ve wondered, “How can I help my employees succeed and actually enjoy their jobs?”. 

      That core desire is the reason I chose to Franchise over other models for business growth. I want to help others, and I believe one of the most significant ways to help others is by giving them an opportunity to run a successful business. Being a business owner comes with many challenges and many rewards. It’s my goal to coach you through the challenges, the hardships, and the confusion by using the experience I’ve gained through the years of running a painting company and help you achieve the many rewards that come from being an entrepreneur. 

        – Steven Montgomery 

Steven family pic

Our Story

     Steven Montgomery, the founder of That 1 Painter discovered a passion for painting at a young age. The son of a professional painter, Steven would often help his dad with painting jobs after school and decided to continue learning long after his father retired from the paint business. While in college, Steven would borrow his father’s old equipment and help paint homes for his realtor’s mother and her  colleagues’ clients.

     In 2011, Steven decided to leave college and his day job to pursue his calling: entrepreneurial business. He created his company, That 1 Painter, which in the early years was him and a couple of hired friends painting homes together.  

     Today, That 1 Painter has grown to service all of Central, North, and East Texas; as well as nationwide territories in Florida, Oklahoma, and more! That 1 Painter is not only providing these areas with painting, but also a number of other handyman and home improvement services. 

     That 1 Painter exists to help people, through stellar customer service and excellent company culture. We continue to do this through our missions project called, Paint It Forward. Paint It Forward is a way we show our core values of integrity, diligence, and generosity, to the communities we serve by finding those in-need of a fresh coat of paint with the help of top of the line paint manufacturer, Sherwin Williams.

     And it doesn’t stop here…

     Our Paint It Forward: Abroad program takes a portion of our profits and donates them to foreign missions in Africa. These donations support bible schools, orphans, and business classes that take place all throughout the country of Uganda. 

     Since before That 1 Painter founded it’s first location, our founders had a heart of giving and helping others grow. That mindset continues to influence the day-to-day operations of That 1 Painter, and the hundreds of staff members that serve our communities everyday.

Our Mission

That 1 Painter Core Values


We want you to know that we are a company that you can trust, we work hard, do what we say we are going to do, and strive for excellence. If something ever goes wrong we always work to make it right.



We work hard, we are persistent, and we don’t quit. We work toward more than excellence, we work with a greater good in mind.



As we work hard to succeed and move forward we always are thinking of how can we give back to our community and world. We believe that giving is the greatest blessing and we want to give our customers a great service, our employees a great work-life and the world all the help we can.